Introduction about fraud

The insurance business operates based on a set of basic principles, most notably the principle of utmost good faith from all insurance process-related parties. However, the fraud by any party may occur and affect the other parties.

Fraud is an act committed to obtain illicit benefits by any of the insurance company's representative, the service provider, or the customer himself.

To combat this negative act, SAMA issued the fraud control regulation that identifies forms of fraud, anti-fraud standards, typical fraud detection indicators, and procedures that insurance companies must take to prevent fraud and protect customer rights.


The types of fraud, its impact, methods of detection, and reporting mechanisms vary from one insurance operating segment to another. In order to educate its clients about the losses of fraud and to establish integrity in its insurance transactions with customers, Insurance service providers, Solutions Insurance Broker has established this webpage to be a reference for all aspects of fraud, to ease reporting mechanisms.

Fraud Report
The types of fraud

Solutions Insurance Broker undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the person who is reporting the fraud in the insurance.